cnBeta.com is always my favorite Chinese site to getting the latest tech news from all over the world, but I am not happy about the pop-ups and advertisements in the full sites. So I tried to make an iOS app to get all news from website to my phone.

Updated on 12/20/2020:

Made sticky header for the feed page.

Updated on 01/08/2021:

Recently I am working on the new UI for the app. I wish I could make a pretty and easy-read new app, so I did huge changes on the old UI. The progress is a little bit slow, because I am busy these days for my company’s product. Hope the app could be delivered in April.

Here is the new UI Sketch screenshot, and simple demo video.

The demo video was recorded on iPhone 5s.

Updated on 11/01/2020:

I thought the app should be easy to use. It should have at least the features below:

  • It can get the latest news from site’s RSS
  • it can extract the most important news content from the full site and display on a phone.
  • It can save the news you like.
  • The design must be clean and easy to navigate.
    The app flow is shown below.

From cnBeta’s RSS, I can get the URL link for each news.

Then, the biggest challenge comes. Extracting the news from a full site and display on a phone.


I am trying to use xPath and css selector to extract the content from the html file I got.

If you like the project, you can go to my Github to download the project. Thanks.