Using just two images of you (Front and side body images), the app can generate accurate measurements for you. We are hoping the technology can help the customers choose clothes easily.

The app will be released to market shortly. I am working hard with our designers to improve the UI and UX for the app.

Updated on 2/01/2018:

Improved UI, some screenshots:

Partial UI DesignsPartial UI Designs

Updated on 1/15/2018:

We changed the workflow for a better user experience.

Overview of The WorkflowOverview of The Workflow
More Detailed WorkflowMore Detailed Workflow

Updated On 12/10/2018:

Most of the functionalities are finished at this stage. I implemented a custom camera view for taking the body images ( The user can take image both using rear camera and front camera. Then, the images would be pre-checked using machine learning (CoreML, OpenPose Model and etc.) to make sure the images have decent quality for further processing on our server. The user need to provide some information for us, such as height, gender and email. Then, the images are sent to our server through RESTFul APIs. After, the calculation is done, the app will show the measurements to the user.

The development app screenshots:

Development App ScreenshotsDevelopment App Screenshots